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In down-to-earth terms it is a way of lifting sales temporarily by appealing to economic motives and impulse-buying behavior.

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Operating supplies are similar to accessory equipment in that they do not become part. marketing mix. Price is. coupons, rebates, price packs, premiums,.Coupons, Special offers, savings and promotions from Energizer.The need for promotion arises from the intensity of competition.In industries such as the grocery field where a shopper spends about three-tenths of a second viewing a product, anything increasing product visibility is valuable.

Answer sale promotion is a part of the marketing activities through which the product is.Glossary of Terms: Incentives, Rewards, and Recognition. a variety of premiums for coupons,. a product—includes in-packs, on-packs and container premiums.Mail premiums, unlike direct premiums, require the customer to perform some act in order to obtain a premium through return mail.

Second, event sponsorship often builds support among employees—who may receive acknowledgment for their participation—and within the trade.A refund or rebate promotion is an offer by a marketer to return a certain amount of money when the product is purchased alone or in combination with other products.Thus sales promotion and advertising are difficult to distinguish.Some manufacturers pay retailers extra to highlight their display from the many available every week.

EFFECTS OF SALES PROMOTION ON ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE. coupons, cash refunds and rebates, premiums,.The role of sales promotion. premiums, bonus pack, or price-offs. by giving special price promotion, coupons, and bonus packs.

Some marketers try to discourage forward buying, since it reduces profit margins and tends to create cyclical peaks and troughs in demand for the product.A buying allowance is a bonus paid by a manufacturer to a reseller when a certain amount of product is purchased during a specific time period.A sign of a successful marketer is getting the product into the hands of the consumer.The first is a buying loader, which is a gift given for making a specified order size.

By rewarding long-standing customers for their loyalty, continuity programs also reduce the threat of new competitors entering a market.The premium may be given for free, or may be offered to consumers for a significantly reduced price.Therefore, if a product fits well with the event and its audience, the impact of the sales promotion will be high.With over 40 years in the auto parts industry, Lordco Parts Ltd. offers thousands of automotive parts and accessories.Sometimes, particularly when a product is new or is not a market leader, an effective strategy is giving a sample product to the consumer, either free or for a small fee.A premium is tangible compensation that is given as an incentive for performing a particular act—usually buying a product.

Price discounts or price-off deals: Price deals are probably the most commonly used promotional techniques.For instance, General Electric may have a display containing appliances as part of a special program.

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